An ‘Avengeful’ game of Dungeons and Dragons

Our favorite team of superheroes have faced it all: Ultron, Lokey, and even Thanos himself. After saving the world so many times, things can get a bit boring. I mean, it can’t get more challenging than Thanos, right?

Well, as Tom Holland announced at the world premiere of Onward, turns out the Avengers might take a break from fighting supervillains and instead spend some time raiding dungeons and fighting orcs and dragons. When asked if he was familiar with dungeons and dragons, Holland replied,

“Chris & I have been talking about setting up an Avengers D&D session, which would be amazing. We actually want to film it because it would be really fun.”

I mean, can you imagine Star Lord as a DM!?

Not only would it be awesome to play, but there’s a chance they might even play as their super alter-egos. For those of you wondering what that would look like, or wanting to try it out, Winghorn Press has phenomenal homebrew of the characters.

Let’s take a look:

These character sheets could make for a seriously epic and unique game of DnD. For you DMs out there, try writing an adventure with classical supervillains transported to The Forgotten Realms via a magic portal, or just go ahead and play the Avengers through a fantasy setting.