Lucifer Season 6: A Deal With The Devil

Our favorite, dashing devil has been through a lot, both on-screen and off. First, a few years back, the show was canceled by Fox after three seasons. But, thank Heavens, Lucifer was revived by Netflix, God of TV, and ran another two seasons, ranking one of the streaming service’s highest-ever watched originals. Now, two seasons later, Netflix announced that season 5 would be the last.


But not all is lost…


Realizing how beloved the show is, Netflix has entered into talks with Warner Bros. regarding a sixth season. The talks have been tumultuous so far, as can be expected when one attempts to strike a deal with the devil. Tom Ellis rejected the contract offered to him by Warner Bros. and talks have reached a standstill.


While nothing is for certain, in a show filled with celestials, I, for one, am praying for a miracle.