Netflix Reveals Something Huge About Stranger Things Season 4!

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For those of you who don’t like watching movie trailers, be warned-this article contains a spoiler. 

Filled with enticing, real characters, nostalgia of life in the 80s, and juicy mysteries, Stranger Things stole the hearts of fans around the world, quickly rising to the number one highest-rated show on Netflix (although it was recently dethroned by The Witcher). It served as a mystery thriller, a sci-fi fantasy, and a high-school drama all in one, and was refreshingly original.

The show is not afraid of killing off characters, but when it does, it make sure we feel it. When Bob Newby was eaten by a Demogorgon in season two, I cried both for him and for Samwise the Brave. But season three thew us an even bigger death twist, when Jim Hopper was seemingly killed.

Only he wasn’t.

Since no body was seen, and we were given a suspicious epilogue scene, many fans speculated as to what truly happened to the beloved cop. In this new trailer by Netflix, we finally learn where Hopper’s been hanging out.

Not much else was revealed, but we were told that season 4 is going to be the scariest one yet.