Netflix’s Upcoming Epic Greek Mythology series!

If you’re a Percy Jackson fan, and Riordan’s announcement of a TV show wasn’t excitement enough, this news is sure to send you over the top.

Netflix has announced the release of a new fantasy series based off of Greek mythology.

Kaos, as the show is to be called, is scheduled to be released sometime this year, although further scheduling details are still unknown. Written by the creator of “The End of the F***ing world,” the show is rumored to have a dark, yet humorous theme, and will take place in three dimensions: Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld.

Yes, fellow fantasy geeks, that means we will probably be seeing many of our favorite gods, including Zeus and Hades, in their respective kingdoms. While I’m super-excited for Percy Jackson as well, I’m expecting a more mature, adult-oriented series from Netflix.

We all know how gripping Greek legends are. After all, we’re still reading them after two thousand years. So don’t know about you, but I’m preparing myself for an epic binge watch of all ten hours of Kaos.