New Dungeons and Dragons Video Game!

With Dungeons and Dragons reaching its most popular era in history, thousands of fans around the world, including movie stars and celebrities, are racing to collect the newest campaign. Wizards of the Coast, the game’s creators, are always working to expand the D&D universe in creative ways, introducing different board game adaptations, YouTube channels, and most recently, video games. 

Teaming up with video game company Tuque, Wizards of the Coast have announced their newest venture- ”Dark Alliance.”

The game, coming this fall, will have four playable characters: Drizzt Do’Urden, a dual-bladed drow, an archer named Catti-Brie, Bruenor, a dwarven heavy hitter, and Wulfgar, a warhammer-wielding barbarian. Staying true to the D&D spirit, players can participate in a Co-op mode where each teammate must select a different character. Raid dungeons together with your crew, gather gold, and smash through hordes of skeletons. How better else to spend an evening?

We’ve seen D&D themed games before, but this one is set to outshine its predecessors. You can check out the trailer below: